Welcome from President Sheri Lattimer

Welcome to the Camden County School Counselor’s Web page. For those who are new to the counseling field, welcome! Hopefully, you will find much support from your colleagues and through your Camden County School Counseling Association. The CCSCA works to provide networking and professional development experiences for all levels of school counselors. We try to host events at various venues to meet the needs of all of our members. Please consider attending one of our events throughout the school year. I wish you a successful school year and I know you all strive to make a difference in your student’s lives. That is why our “Counselor’s Care” motto is so appropriate. CCSCA is continuing to branch out in our social media efforts. Please consider following us on Twitter (@ccsca_nj) and Facebook (Camden County School Counselors Association)
-Sheri Lattimer
CCSCA President

Our Mission

The Camden County School Counseling Association is a professional organization that exists to promote excellence in school counseling in elementary, middle, and high schools in Camden County. All school counselors in Camden County are eligible for membership in CCSCA.

Our Programs

• Professional development meetings, conferences, and workshops.
• Annual College/Career Fair, titled “Focus on Your Future.”
• Scholarship program for high school students pursuing a career in the field of mental health or a related field (psychology, sociology, etc.)
• Recognition program for students who demonstrate “significant caring” in the elementary, middle, and high schools.